Enjoy swimming in lagoons near Singapore

Those who know swimming enjoy it and relieve their stress. Swimming is a skill and those who can swim look for different places where they can swim. Though swimming pools are available everywhere, swimming in a sea is altogether a different experience. When you charter a boat to explore an island near Singapore, you can take some time to swim in the sea and enjoy the turquoise water of Singapore Sea. However, not everyone likes to take the risk of swimming in the seas it is a little risky.

For safe swimmers, it is possible to enjoy the seawater without entering the sea. There are natural lagoons on many islands where swimmers especially kids can enjoy swimming in a small sea like space called lagoon. Sometimes, you see natural pools near the beaches that are exactly like the sea but separated from the sea by a piece of land. All the features of water are same as the water in the sea so you get a feeling of swimming in the sea. You just have to reach the islands with help of a party boat charters and you can enjoy swimming.

 On the south of Singapore, there are various islands where you can enjoy the lagoon swimming. On St. John’s Island, you can enjoy a picnic with your family and enjoy swimming in lagoons. The greenery of the island makes it a perfect place to relax. With coconut trees all around and many types of fishes available, you can enjoy boating and swim on this island. It can be a great experience to relax in the lagoon water watching to the beautiful coconut trees and taking a sip of fresh coconut water.

Another beautiful creation of nature is visible in Pulau Hantu where two portions of islands are beautifully separated by a lagoon. You can charter a boat to reach the island and enjoy the little ghost and big ghost islands. The name only is scary while the island has beautiful white sand beaches and calm water surfaces. Many visitors come to enjoy the lagoons and mangroves. For divers and snorkelers, this is a favourite destination due to coral reefs having large varieties of corals, fishes, seahorses, sharks and turtles. However, the lagoons are safe for swimmers. The divers can enjoy such a rich marine life near the beach.

Kids Swim

If you are looking for a fun time with children, Kusu Island as a little more to offer you. Watch the peaceful tortoises and beware of the naughty monkeys on this island. After a prayer at the famous Da Bo Gong temple and a climb to holy shrines of Saints from Malay, you can expect a fine picnic with your kids in the open space and enjoy the swimming lagoon. The island is extremely beautiful and you can relax under the sky watching the peaceful beauty around and many tortoises.

There are many places near Singapore to enjoy the natural lagoons swimming and relaxing throughout the day. Select any destination of your choice and get a boat charter to reach the lagoon. That is a great way to enjoy swimming in natural lagoons and let your kids swim in the beautiful lagoons with safety.

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