The Untouched Beauty of Singapore Is Waiting For You

Beach is a place for fun where people visit and play in sand taking the glimpse of greenery on the land and never-ending boundaries of water. There are many popular Beaches where countless folks gather. These beaches may have a special attraction that fascinates people and prepare them to come together. However, a crowd is not you always want around you.

Secluded islands have untouched beauty of nature. While other beaches and islands are crowded with many travellers and eventually starts turning in a civilized place, these beaches are original. Fewer people visit these islands making it peaceful and an exotic place to send time. Those who need everything special often love exotic places. If you are looking for a right place to propose your partner, take her to a secluded island of Singapore and make your wedding proposal.

You may like the Yacht Luxury when you sail and find it a great place to propose but your journey has a destination. A yacht will head you towards a lovely island where you get privacy with your loved one. It is your choice where you want to make our Wedding Proposal. However, you can wait for the yacht to drop the anchor at an island and you can arrange for a special proposal.

Apart from a wedding proposal, you can also make a special day out with your partner to enjoy some quality time. You can take a daytime cruise for few hours or a day-night cruise that covers almost a full day or 24 hours to enjoy different aspects of sailing. You can enjoy yacht luxury with the best charter. These cruises allow you to enjoy sailing as well as good time at islands. Secluded islands are their first choice. Best charters are always looking to offer the best experience to their clients. This extraordinary trip makes them a repeated choice.

Yacht luxury includes enough space on upper and lower decks to move on freely. There is extreme privacy on Private Yacht Rental and you can spend quality time with a partner. There is no compromise on facilities like food, drinks, bedding and bathrooms.  With all this, you experience the best yacht interior that leaves you astonished. The yacht will stay on a secluded island allowing you to enjoy the charm of the night. The beams of light from yacht will spread on the island and water making the sand look silver coloured. This view is breathtaking and very Romantic.

In the peaceful night, you can lie on the upper deck with your partner and enjoy the surrounding beauty. When tired, you can sleep well in your private room comfortably. This could be a great surprise for your partner and it can make a beautiful memory for the whole life. The early morning view of a green island is highly striking. You will feel arrested in the stunning look of that moment and never want to stop looking at the sight. The beauty of the secluded island is unique but the way a charter makes you see it differentiates their services. Before you select a charter for the yacht, find out the locations you will visit.


Enjoy swimming in lagoons near Singapore

Those who know swimming enjoy it and relieve their stress. Swimming is a skill and those who can swim look for different places where they can swim. Though swimming pools are available everywhere, swimming in a sea is altogether a different experience. When you charter a boat to explore an island near Singapore, you can take some time to swim in the sea and enjoy the turquoise water of Singapore Sea. However, not everyone likes to take the risk of swimming in the seas it is a little risky.

For safe swimmers, it is possible to enjoy the seawater without entering the sea. There are natural lagoons on many islands where swimmers especially kids can enjoy swimming in a small sea like space called lagoon. Sometimes, you see natural pools near the beaches that are exactly like the sea but separated from the sea by a piece of land. All the features of water are same as the water in the sea so you get a feeling of swimming in the sea. You just have to reach the islands with help of a party boat charters and you can enjoy swimming.

 On the south of Singapore, there are various islands where you can enjoy the lagoon swimming. On St. John’s Island, you can enjoy a picnic with your family and enjoy swimming in lagoons. The greenery of the island makes it a perfect place to relax. With coconut trees all around and many types of fishes available, you can enjoy boating and swim on this island. It can be a great experience to relax in the lagoon water watching to the beautiful coconut trees and taking a sip of fresh coconut water.

Another beautiful creation of nature is visible in Pulau Hantu where two portions of islands are beautifully separated by a lagoon. You can charter a boat to reach the island and enjoy the little ghost and big ghost islands. The name only is scary while the island has beautiful white sand beaches and calm water surfaces. Many visitors come to enjoy the lagoons and mangroves. For divers and snorkelers, this is a favourite destination due to coral reefs having large varieties of corals, fishes, seahorses, sharks and turtles. However, the lagoons are safe for swimmers. The divers can enjoy such a rich marine life near the beach.

Kids Swim

If you are looking for a fun time with children, Kusu Island as a little more to offer you. Watch the peaceful tortoises and beware of the naughty monkeys on this island. After a prayer at the famous Da Bo Gong temple and a climb to holy shrines of Saints from Malay, you can expect a fine picnic with your kids in the open space and enjoy the swimming lagoon. The island is extremely beautiful and you can relax under the sky watching the peaceful beauty around and many tortoises.

There are many places near Singapore to enjoy the natural lagoons swimming and relaxing throughout the day. Select any destination of your choice and get a boat charter to reach the lagoon. That is a great way to enjoy swimming in natural lagoons and let your kids swim in the beautiful lagoons with safety.

Boost Up Your Love Life With A Romantic Yacht Trip

When your life gets busy, you feel tired and stressed but there are no ways to escape the work life. However, some people find the balance between their work and their life. At the time of the wedding, couples are quite passionate about their relationships but as time passes, the stress of work eat up their passion and most people start facing stress in life and relationships.

romantic dinner on yacht
Romantic Dinner on Yacht

For a loving couple, few hours of togetherness can be enough if there is no disturbance. If not having time to spend with a partner at daytime, you can go for a romantic dinner on a yacht. Sailing is a beautiful experience in that you can soothe your eyes with beautiful natural surroundings and enjoy a peaceful environment with blowing sea wind. When you have a partner, you should spend such precious moments with your partner. You can talk your heart to your partner when you are having peaceful moments without any disturbance. You can rent a yacht for a dinner treat and surprise your partner with her favourite music enjoying delicious food. Your partner will feel astonished. Women like surprises and this special treat will tell them how special they are for their partner’s life. In this stressful life, such a special surprise will boost the love and increase happiness in life. When partners spend a good time together, they feel happy and it has a direct impact on their lives.

romantic dinner on a yacht


Though you can spend quality time with a romantic dinner on a yacht, you should find some more time to relax with your partner. Rent a yacht and take a day’s trip to explore some secluded islands. The best thing about the secluded island is the untouched and unharmed beauty of beaches. Nature has spread lots of beauty all around but people re-organize some things according to their convenience or may spoil the beauty of nature. This is a bitter truth that more population tends to harm nature.

A crowded beach has lots of noise and people throw things here and there. Movement of people attracts people to make changes to the place. Due to this, the crowded islands lose their real charm while some secluded islands are less visited and nature remains at its best on such islands. For a couple, a secluded island is like a boon because there you get peace and privacy. When there is no one around except the overwhelming beauty scenes, you can spend a refreshing and relaxing time with your partner freely.

romantic dinner on yacht
romantic dinner on yacht

To re-energize your life with fresh energy, you should find some private time with your partner far away from otherworldly matters. For this, a simple step is to rent a yacht and take your partner for a surprise trip.

On a romantic dinner on a yacht, once again propose her for a beautiful life ahead and let your promise of love for life reveal in your eyes. For new relationships, this could be a fine place for improving the bonding. The best thing about a yacht trip is that you get crew for help but no one makes you feel their presence around you unnecessary so you can enjoy your privacy and a good time with a partner.

Explore The Pristine Island Near Singapore

Singapore is an island surrounded by many other islands. While there are many islands famous worldwide and well developed with modern technology, there are some islands less visited. Development makes life luxurious and easy but takes away the originality of nature. These less visited islands are pristine and very peaceful. One such island is Kusu Island.

Singapore Island
Singapore Island

Get party boat rental to explore this beautiful island with clean and relaxing beaches. Kusu means tortoise in Chinese language and according to one belief, the island was once a tortoise who converted itself in an island to save to travellers. The name of island suits perfectly because there are hundreds of tortoises on this island.

Kusu Island is less visited but two holy spots attract tourists. An island is a place for pilgrims because of a Chinese temple names Da Bo Gong where people visit and pray for prosperity and good health and another holy place where their shrines of Malay saints are present. These saints lived in the 19th century. These shrines are built on the top of a hill. Apart from tortoises, there are many monkeys on the island.

what to do as a tourist in Singapore

If you are looking for a picnic with family in a calm place, where your kids can enjoy freedom in the open space, take boat rental to Kusu and give your family a great time. The island is full of green spaces. Due to less civilization, there is a lot of open space making it a perfect place for the picnic.

rent a boat
rent a boat

Explore the ancient shrines walking through the green paths and enjoy a peaceful environment. Your kids will get huge space to play and enjoy any activity they want to do. Make sure that you keep some playing equipment with your before getting on boat rental so your kids can do some activity. If not visiting with kids, you can keep a book to read under the tree shadow.

With boat rental, you can reach Kusu Island and enjoy the lagoons. This pristine island has lagoons for enjoying the sea life. These beautiful lagoons make a good place for those who like to enjoy sea sports but do not want to take risk of getting in the sea. You can spend time swimming in a lagoon or playing any sports.

With private yacht rental, you get luxurious sailing experience and good food hence you will not need to worry about the food on this island. You can ask the crew members to arrange food so you can enjoy it on a green lawn making your picnic perfect. If you want to enjoy the greenery and marine life from the deck, you can choose to stay on deck and relax. You can enjoy capturing the greenery in your eyes or lie down closing your eyes for sensing the peace of this holy island.

On Kusu Island, you may not find buildings and infrastructure but they make a good place for spending a peaceful day. You can come with your partner and spend peaceful time leaving the busy daily schedule behind for some time.

Romantic Trip Where You Can Feel Free to Cherish The Moments of Love With Your Partner.

If you’re newly wedded and planning a honeymoon or you are looking to have a romantic trip with your partner, what would be your priority? In most case, people would choose privacy as the priority. For a couple on a romantic trip, spending time alone soothing the eyes with beauty is the main aim. If you are looking for such a trip, you must charter a yacht and take a trip to some secluded islands. Beaches of the city always have the rush of people where you can enjoy with your own group of friends but they are not perfect for a romantic day.

romantic dinner on yacht
Romantic Dinner on Yacht

With a private yacht, you can get good sailing experience with your partner and enjoy losing yourself in the aquatic ambience while looking in her eyes. There will be no one to disturb you as the crew members to understand your privacy needs and they’ll make sure you get enough time to spend with each other without any disruptions.

In Singapore, there are some secret islands that are not visited by many people. Although they are very beautiful, lack of civilization makes these islands less travelled. You can charter a yacht to explore such islands. You can sit on the beach letting the waves give you a gentle touch or rest on the white sand while taking a sunbath. An empty beach would be a comfortable place for taking a sunbath. Beaches are utterly romantic when there is no crowd. You can talk your heart to your partner looking at the sea and feeling the touch of breeze or just let the eye talk to your partner.

If you are adventurous type, you can enjoy water sports with your partner on the beach. Your food and beverages are no issues as yacht you are travailing on holds enough of them for you. You’ll feel as if you are in a completely different world that is made for you for this special occasion. This little world will be a mesmerizing experience throughout your life. Rather than travailing to crowded places where most people visit and end up tired mentally and physically, it’s better to choose a place that is calm and neither your journey nor the destination gives you stress. All you get is an immense pleasure.

With a private yacht rental, you can relax on your journey as well. Just as the sea is immeasurable, so is your love. After enjoying the breeze and water on the beach, you would wish to spend some warm time with your partner. There are luxurious bedrooms with all facilities to give you a comfortable sleep. These bedrooms are warm enough with accurate ventilation to make you feel easy. Your body might not be tired but your eyes will be in need of some relaxation as they have captured a lot of beauty throughout the day. You would surely wake up wondering what was real and what was dream

Exploring Self Personality on A Yacht Trip

Private Yacht

There’s an important person in everyone’s life that is missing and that person is one’s own self. It’s important to give some time to your own self. Happiness increases when you share it but not everything should be shared. There should be few trips in life that should be enjoyed alone or with strangers. Every person should know the reality of own personality and the true personality comes out when there is no one to worry about. It also improves your personality and confidence and you meet yourself, a better you.

When you’re alone on a trip, you can do everything you want. You can try your dream sports and thrills. One should charter a yacht and go exploring island world with strange companions on the yacht. In this way, you can feel free of all issues that trouble you. It’s not about running away from things but you just need a good time to be yourself. One should always try to explore self capacity.

There are many activities you can do on a boat. For example you can read your favorite book that makes you thoughtful. You may like to hold your favorite glass of drink and sit idle and see to the beautiful scenes around. If you’re a photographer and want to try photography without any disturbance, you’ll probably get lot many scenes that you’ll never like to miss. Keep your snorkeling kit with you if you want to do some adventures. You may also like to try sea diving and experience the depth of sea world.

Roaming alone with strangers also adds to your friend list. Making new friends is a good thing in every manner. charter a yacht where strangers accompany you and you can make great friends who have come to yacht for enjoying just like you. You get space to overcome your constraints and live freely. You get to learn new things and know about different people. Generally our friends belong to a specific group where we live and work but making friends apart from these common groups enhances our view of life. For understanding life in a broader sense, meeting and talking to variety of people is necessary.

On yacht luxury you also meet crew members like captain of yacht and other experts who can also train you different water sports. You may find a great friend among crew members. Being alone, you are not confined or worried about any one accompanying you. You are free to talk to anyone you like or anywhere you go. You can randomly be part of other groups if you like or choose to stay apart whenever you wish. This helps you in shaping your thoughts because as an individual you rely on your own wisdom. Right or wrong, being alone makes you take your decisions and you get to learn a lot.

Every person should let their themselves seek such kind of opportunities as unknown places are not only worth exploring but traveling with unknown people also makes you explore the best place, and that is you.

Bring out Creativity in Lap of Nature


If you’re visiting Singapore and excited about sailing in the sea, you must think about what all you can do on a boat. There are many ideas like doing party with friends or family, experiencing underwater diving or snorkeling, enjoying the beauty of sea from lower or upper decks, eating and enjoying in any way you like. But there are many other things you can do when you charter a boat and go exploring islands. Especially when you have enough time to send of a boat, you would like to do different activities on board.

rent a boat and sit on the deck reading your favorite book. There is no one to disturb you while reading book and you can enjoy sun bathing on the upper deck while being extremely involved with your favorite story. You can enjoy book reading with your favorite beverage also to keep you hydrated if you don’t wish to stand up and spoil your mood of reading novel.

For authors of books, this could be the best place to write a book. Authors need calm to think about the story and make the script ready. You can charter boat and go sailing long ways to get your free pace for writing that brilliant piece of story for your next book. Keep all your material with you and go sailing. Many authors cut themselves from the outer world and try to get stuck in closed rooms so no one can disturb them. It’s better to rent a boat and get the extreme freedom from worldly disturbance while enjoying the luxury and comfort on boat and required food on time.


Artists like painters may like to get their canvas on boat and draw the depth of sea on the paper. They can get real scenario without disturbance and enhance creativity by looking at the real beauty of nature surrounding them.

Many music composers rent a boat and go sailing to find a beautiful piece of music. It seems like there is something special about sea and artists try to explore their own soul while enjoying the deep sea. The art of artist is hidden inside that can be explored at own. That’s why they choose a place like sailing for getting new ideas. They also get lots of time without disturbance to execute this idea immediately.

Creativity comes out of soul not from mind. If you want to listen to your soul, you have to stop hearing everything else that disturbs you. When you charter a boat and move towards deep water of sea, all other voices leave you and you just have yourself to listen to. Creation of art or enjoying any art needs space and that you can get on boat. Just as readers would love to read the books on board and listening to music on boat gives music lovers great satisfaction; creators of stories, music and paintings also need self satisfaction and peace. If you have an artist in you, rent a boat and explore what your soul says you.