The Untouched Beauty of Singapore Is Waiting For You

Beach is a place for fun where people visit and play in sand taking the glimpse of greenery on the land and never-ending boundaries of water. There are many popular Beaches where countless folks gather. These beaches may have a special attraction that fascinates people and prepare them to come together. However, a crowd is not you always want around you.

Secluded islands have untouched beauty of nature. While other beaches and islands are crowded with many travellers and eventually starts turning in a civilized place, these beaches are original. Fewer people visit these islands making it peaceful and an exotic place to send time. Those who need everything special often love exotic places. If you are looking for a right place to propose your partner, take her to a secluded island of Singapore and make your wedding proposal.

You may like the Yacht Luxury when you sail and find it a great place to propose but your journey has a destination. A yacht will head you towards a lovely island where you get privacy with your loved one. It is your choice where you want to make our Wedding Proposal. However, you can wait for the yacht to drop the anchor at an island and you can arrange for a special proposal.

Apart from a wedding proposal, you can also make a special day out with your partner to enjoy some quality time. You can take a daytime cruise for few hours or a day-night cruise that covers almost a full day or 24 hours to enjoy different aspects of sailing. You can enjoy yacht luxury with the best charter. These cruises allow you to enjoy sailing as well as good time at islands. Secluded islands are their first choice. Best charters are always looking to offer the best experience to their clients. This extraordinary trip makes them a repeated choice.

Yacht luxury includes enough space on upper and lower decks to move on freely. There is extreme privacy on Private Yacht Rental and you can spend quality time with a partner. There is no compromise on facilities like food, drinks, bedding and bathrooms.  With all this, you experience the best yacht interior that leaves you astonished. The yacht will stay on a secluded island allowing you to enjoy the charm of the night. The beams of light from yacht will spread on the island and water making the sand look silver coloured. This view is breathtaking and very Romantic.

In the peaceful night, you can lie on the upper deck with your partner and enjoy the surrounding beauty. When tired, you can sleep well in your private room comfortably. This could be a great surprise for your partner and it can make a beautiful memory for the whole life. The early morning view of a green island is highly striking. You will feel arrested in the stunning look of that moment and never want to stop looking at the sight. The beauty of the secluded island is unique but the way a charter makes you see it differentiates their services. Before you select a charter for the yacht, find out the locations you will visit.


Enjoy swimming in lagoons near Singapore

Those who know swimming enjoy it and relieve their stress. Swimming is a skill and those who can swim look for different places where they can swim. Though swimming pools are available everywhere, swimming in a sea is altogether a different experience. When you charter a boat to explore an island near Singapore, you can take some time to swim in the sea and enjoy the turquoise water of Singapore Sea. However, not everyone likes to take the risk of swimming in the seas it is a little risky.

For safe swimmers, it is possible to enjoy the seawater without entering the sea. There are natural lagoons on many islands where swimmers especially kids can enjoy swimming in a small sea like space called lagoon. Sometimes, you see natural pools near the beaches that are exactly like the sea but separated from the sea by a piece of land. All the features of water are same as the water in the sea so you get a feeling of swimming in the sea. You just have to reach the islands with help of a party boat charters and you can enjoy swimming.

 On the south of Singapore, there are various islands where you can enjoy the lagoon swimming. On St. John’s Island, you can enjoy a picnic with your family and enjoy swimming in lagoons. The greenery of the island makes it a perfect place to relax. With coconut trees all around and many types of fishes available, you can enjoy boating and swim on this island. It can be a great experience to relax in the lagoon water watching to the beautiful coconut trees and taking a sip of fresh coconut water.

Another beautiful creation of nature is visible in Pulau Hantu where two portions of islands are beautifully separated by a lagoon. You can charter a boat to reach the island and enjoy the little ghost and big ghost islands. The name only is scary while the island has beautiful white sand beaches and calm water surfaces. Many visitors come to enjoy the lagoons and mangroves. For divers and snorkelers, this is a favourite destination due to coral reefs having large varieties of corals, fishes, seahorses, sharks and turtles. However, the lagoons are safe for swimmers. The divers can enjoy such a rich marine life near the beach.

Kids Swim

If you are looking for a fun time with children, Kusu Island as a little more to offer you. Watch the peaceful tortoises and beware of the naughty monkeys on this island. After a prayer at the famous Da Bo Gong temple and a climb to holy shrines of Saints from Malay, you can expect a fine picnic with your kids in the open space and enjoy the swimming lagoon. The island is extremely beautiful and you can relax under the sky watching the peaceful beauty around and many tortoises.

There are many places near Singapore to enjoy the natural lagoons swimming and relaxing throughout the day. Select any destination of your choice and get a boat charter to reach the lagoon. That is a great way to enjoy swimming in natural lagoons and let your kids swim in the beautiful lagoons with safety.

Take Vow On The Wave

Wedding is the most important day of a person’s life. Every couple wishes to have a wedding that becomes the best memory of their life. For this, they search for best venues for marriage and different ways to make the event special. One of the greatest and memorable experiences of getting married is to marry on the sea. For this one time in life moment, you may love the idea of taking a vow along with the sound of sea waves and beautiful surroundings.

Wedding Boat

Many people try to find a marriage space in the countryside for a peaceful celebration. That’s a common and expensive idea nowadays. If you’re considering such a budget, boat party is a better idea. Wedding or yacht will leave your guests with an astonishing experience.

You can hire a boat for making your wedding precious with selected people on the boat. It will be a mesmerizing experience to take the wedding vow under the twinkling stars while sailing on the sea waves. You can also decorate your boat according to your requirements. Boats of your required sizes will be available so you can arrange wedding event as well as boat party for your closed ones. This idea can be very sophisticated and memorable perfectly fit for a wedding event. Crew members on a boat will always be help in making the event great. You may find a good banquet dinner with freshly cooked food on the boat by crew members.

If you like the idea of wedding on boat but you want something large and grand, wedding on cruise will fulfill all your needs. If you have all the money to spend on marriage, then hire a whole cruise for your grand boat party. Or you can go for a package of a cruise where you can find your own space on the cruise while other travelers will enjoy their journey. In both options, you will get more space for making the event grand.

If you wish to marry in church and then have a grand party organized for your friends and families, only party can be arranged on the cruise. Cruise members will attend your guests with extreme care and professionalism. There can be a grand feast on the deck with variety of food offerings and beverages for guests. Crew members may also help in serving the food to guests so they can enjoy it with comfort.

You may also like to arrange music for your boat party and fire crackers for making the evening beautiful. Boat renters have contracts with DJ and banquet arrangers with different packages. You may choose out of these packages. You may also find special packages for wedding on boat or cruise that are cost effective. If you consider the overall cost, boat wedding and boat parties are very cost effective. Your guests will not have to worry about any requirement including the parking. Good companies take enough care of your vehicles so your guests do not have to keep thinking about their vehicles and they can enjoy a grand event.

Sailing In Singapore City

Singapore is one of the most beautiful cities in Asia. It has a combination of diversified culture. If you’ve ever visited Singapore, you must have liked the structure of the building and the way old and new structure live together in one city. The view of this lovely city gets amazing at night with lots of lights. But there’s something more about visiting Singapore.

Infinity Sails-21

Singapore is not just a city but an island city surrounded by the sea. If you wish to have a great look of Singapore, look it from a distance to get a whole view. Here’s how to do it. Board on a sailing yacht in evening and look at the beautiful city of Singapore from the sea. The island is surrounded by utter beauty. While the morning has the entire refreshing atmosphere, the night is amazingly elegant in the sea.

In a day-long cruise, start with a morning sip of your favourite beverage looking at the beautiful city of Singapore from the sea when the city is waking up. Enjoy the whole day at cruise far away from the busy life of the city and explore nearby islands. When it’s extremely sunny outside, get inside the luxurious room of yacht with all your favourite things to do. Cruise gets preferred food on demand and serves with style to make you feel luxurious and comfortable. Get a home like feeling with all equipment’s available to make the mood. Lying on a sofa, taking lunch on a dining table, listening to rock music, or simply go to bed for some rest while waiting for the atmosphere to cool down to go back to deck; everything is available on a sailing yacht.

When it’s time to get back, set yourself o deck to enjoy the beautiful sunset from the sea. Unlike every day when the Sun rises from buildings and sets in them, look at the beautiful Sunrise from effluent water and set in it leaving its reddish ink on water. When you’re about to reach, it’s time to see again the city of Singapore from the sea, and this time at night. With all twinkling lights of Singapore city, it gives immense pleasure to see a beautiful city like Singapore at night from the water. The city can’t look more beautiful than this from anywhere else for sure. Feel the joy of Singapore people who celebrate their lives in the night after the hard work of whole day while you were sailing in the sea.

With a thrilling experience of sailing yacht and after all the comforts available on a yacht, there will be no feeling of discomfort or tiredness. Though the eyes may need some rest as they have captured the abundant water of sea all the day. Not to miss a chance of joy, set back to move in the city and enjoy the stags night of Singapore city. For a longer vacation, there’s a lot to see in the Singapore including gardens and monuments. Each moment you stay in Singapore will add beautiful memories to your gallery.

Explore The New Dimensions Of Partying With Friends At Yacht Cruises In Singapore

infinitysails (19)
Party Boat

Partying in style has become a huge trend with the younger generation nowadays as they love to enjoy their lives to the fullest. Whatever the occasion, if you cannot enjoy in your own unique style then what’s the point in enjoying. This is where the yacht rentals in Singapore come up as a great way to approach celebrations for varying occasions, be it weddings, anniversaries, bachelor parties, corporate parties, or birthday parties. Knowing the right ways to party and celebrate life, is itself a gift that very few possess and the ones who have doubts can take advice from the experts and this is what the Singapore cruise companies do best for you. They transform your occasion into a glamorous celebration.

Purifying your senses and detoxifying your thoughts, the exotic and completely refreshing yacht cruises take you to a world of peace and tranquility, where you don’t have to worry anymore about your business, profession or any other responsibilities and you can be completely relaxed. The party boats for rent are decorated as per your expectations and the kind of occasions you want to arrange for your guests.

For instance, for the bachelor parties you can look forward to having a more spiced up and dark hues in decorations while for the weddings, the decorations would rather reflect a sense of purity, serenity, peace and calm so that people can enjoy the pastel shades of whites, pinks, powder blues and may be the cute beige as long as they are a part of the celebration. The enigmatic yacht luxury add to everyone’s amazement and taste in class and style as they join the party and feel the fresh breeze of happiness seeping into their soul.

Infinity Sails-21

Is this sounding like some spiritual conversation? Then may be it’s time, you take a trip of the stunning party yacht cruises in Singapore and realize the spirituality of nature encasing your senses completely. Away from the mainland and in the middle of the sea, the Singapore yacht trips definitely take you closer to mother nature and give you the opportunity to feel the bonding with your loved ones, stronger than before. These yacht cruises are nothing short of spiritual retreats or refreshing tours where you get the opportunity to connect with your inner self and spend some quality time with your loved ones.

This necessarily doesn’t mean that you have to be a saintly person to explore the inner beauty of the seas through yacht rides, you can be a complete party buff and love to spend your nights partying incessantly, after a tiring days work. The yacht rentals are perfectly suited for you as well and their rocking arrangements are sure to win hearts. Have a hens night or stag night lined up for your friends anytime soon? But searching for the right party venue is becoming a big headache? Just whisk through the online details of the Singapore cruise companies offering luxury yachts on rent for overnight parties and you will definitely find the answer to all your concerns and questions that have been bothering you.

Doing your bookings through most companies is quite easy. You are provided with a contact form which is followed by an agreement that you have to sign, only after you have read all clauses properly. You might need to make payment before confirmation of the booking takes place, depending on the company policies.